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The Galant’s front wheels utilize the proven MacPherson front suspension design to provide the precise control and superior handling capability that sedan buyers demand. Large-diameter strut cylinders (V6 models) and springs are matched according to the mass of the wheels, tires, and vehicle weight in order to deliver the best combination of ride and agility. Each strut uses a gas-charged insert to dampen the road’s imperfections, and a large urethane bump stopper helps to absorb road shock and keeps the suspension from bottoming out. The front coil spring pressures are optimized to strike the ideal balance between ride compliance and responsive, sporty handling. The Galant’s front strut assemblies ride on large, reinforced steel lower control arms. These control arms are supported by a rigid crossmember that spans the distance between the control arm mounting points, controlling lateral movement of the control arms and helping to maintain a more consistent suspension geometry resulting in better, more predictable handling. The large, low-profile crossmember was designed without a “kick-up” in its main section and increases rigidity at the suspension mounting points while helping to reduce component weight.